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    Lifetime Engineering has developed the modern submarine launched marker Triton. Triton is built to be deployed from the ejection tube of a submarine to indicate the vessel’s position. There are three different versions of Triton designed for operational use as well as for emergency situations. All markers have the same external configuration and ignition system. The different signaling effects are obtained by separated pyrotechnic design.


    Performance reliability is built in by means of two parallel fuzing systems, maintenance-free userface and no use of electronics or critical software in the design. The design enables unloading in a safe manner with the aid of a tool, if the marker becomes jammed in the tube barrel. Triton MkII is designed according to safety and environmental standards: STANAG 4187, MIL-STD-331C and MIL-STD-810F.



  • Safe to use

    Transportation safety devices are positioned at the rear part and are to be removed during loading. The firing mechanism does not contain any stored energy and is activated when the marker exits the tube muzzle. The safety unit holds an interrupter of the explosive train and provides safety features according to valid standards, e.g. STANAG 4187. The lifecycle profile of the fuzing system has been verified in environmental tests according to MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-331C. The design enables unloading in a safe manner with the aid of a tool, if the marker becomes jammed in the tube barrel.

    Easy to handle

    Triton MKII are easy to set and make ready for use. An hydrostatic device gives the operator an easier decision during stressed out situations. Every smoke signal/flare initiates at sea surface regardless of launch depth. Performance reliability is built in by means of two parallel fusing systems, maintenance-free userface and no use of electronics or critical software in the design.




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