About Us

LTE was founded in 2006 by Lars-Erik Pettersson and Ulf Borgström.

Lifetime Engineering has a core staff of about 15 experts who possess a qualified specialist in life assessment work. A small, flexible organization allows flexibility in co-operation and enables rapid adaptation to new conditions.

Business Idea
Provide services that support the development of new products and ensuring the product to function properly over its entire lifecycle.

Core Competence

Lifetime Engineering are experts in managing and investigating energetic materials related to durability testing and product development. This in combination with any other type of material whose lifetime is limited by the environmental factors that they will be exposed to during their lifetime.Analysis methodology is used both in product development activities such as in surveillance and maintenance.

Core Values

We stand for our values both in and out of our professional roles. LTE aims to have all of their customers and suppliers to attain these core values in order to maintain a good relationship and successful business.